Eligible products

All eligible products and the promotion periods are listed below.

Terms and conditions

  1. Pursuant to these Terms & Conditions, Participants who purchase a Promotional Product as defined in Condition 3 below may be able to request a full or partial refund ("Reimbursement") of the purchase price paid for the Promotional Product if it is repaired, within 365 days of purchase, following a technical failure covered by a standard warranty but excluding any failure due to software issue (“Promotion”). In any case, the refund will be limited to a maximum amount of £1000 if the purchase price paid is higher than this maximum amount.

  2. The Promotion shall be valid against purchases of Promotional Products made from 00.01 (local time) 1st April 2021 to 23:59 (local time) 31th December 2022 ("Promotional Period") in the United Kingdom.

  3. The eligible Promotional Products are new (i.e. not refurbished, ex-display or second hand) ASUS’ laptops, manufactured within the last 2 years and listed at https://zencare.asus.com/en-gb/terms on the Website. The Promoter has the right to change the Promotional Product list with future effect at any time.

  4. This Promotion is open to individual resident in the United Kingdom(“Territory”), over the age of 18 and businesses registered in the Territory ("Participants"). Please note that in case of Claim, Participants need to hold an active bank account. The name of the holder of the bank account and that of the relevant Participant must be the same.

  5. An individual will be able to register up to 5 products per year, however, the compensation will be limited to one compensation a year. A company will be able to register up to 20 products per year, the compensation will be limited to 5 compensations a year. A year is calculated from January 1st, until December 31st.

  6. Participants must register their new purchase of a Promotion Product at https://zencare.asus.com/en-gb (the Website), by providing:

    ·       a copy of the proof of purchase or fiscal receipt
    ·       a picture of the product's tag showing the serial number (S/N) (“serial number S/N”) of the relevant promotion product

    These elements shall be provided within 15 (fifteen) calendar days of the purchase date. The purchase date as stated on the relevant proof of purchase counts as day one (1) (“Registration”).

  7. Only the Proof of Purchase issued by a retailer in the United Kingdom [AC(1] and in which the purchase price of the Promotion Product is clearly indicated and fully paid shall be accepted as Proof of Purchase. The Proof of Purchase must also contain the following information:

    ·        the product reference;

    ·        the price fully paid;

    ·        the purchase date.

    If the Proof of Purchase or the serial number S/N is not valid or it has not been included in the Registration, the Participant will be informed by email and they will receive a missing information email at the email address provided during Registration; consequently, the Participant will have seven (7) calendar days to provide a valid Proof of Purchase and/or serial number S/N. After this period has passed, the Registration will be rejected and the Participant will not be able to take part in the Promotion. Sometimes communication emails are registered as spam by some email providers. It is the Participant’s responsibility to periodically check the receipt of communications sent to him by consulting the junk mailbox folder as well. ASUS Global Pte. Ltd. shall not be held liable for the non-receipt of the communication Email. If, in the timeframe described above, the Participant does not receive such communication, it shall be the Participant’s responsibility to contact the Promoter using the details provided in the contact section of the Website. 

  8. Registration may only be submitted to the Promoter by the Participant. Registration submitted by third parties on behalf of the Participant are not allowed and if submitted they will be rejected and the Participant will lose the right to participate in the Promotion.

  9. Once the Participant submits Registration, he will immediately receive an email providing a confirmation of reception of his registration indicating his registration’s number. The Promoter will inform the Participant after 3 working days if his registrations has been approved or rejected. 

  10. In the event of a technical fault (software issue failure being excluded of this Promotion – Condition 1 & 10(E)) to the Promotion Product covered by the manufacturer warranty offered by ASUS, in order to obtain the refund, the Participant shall:

    A. Contact ASUS Customer Support service to report the failure and arrange the repair. The ASUS Participant support contacts can be found on the site www.asus.com/uk/support/ or dialing 01442 265548.

    B. Upon contacting customer support in accordance with Condition 10(A) above the Participant should ensure their Promotion Product is repaired at an authorized ASUS service center (ASUS Service Centre) and to receive the complete documentation of the repair where the name of the Participant is clearly indicated.

    C. Product is repaired, the Participant shall submit a claim (“Claim”) via Website within 15 days starting from the day the Product was sent back to the Participant, by entering the followings information:

    - the Return Merchandise Authorization’ number (RMA);

    - the repair report provided by the ASUS Service Centre;

    - and its bank account’s information.

    D. Participant, who is private individual, will be entitled to exercise the right to Claim only once per year under the Promotion, regardless of the quantity of Promotion Products purchased and registered. Registration for individuals is limited to 5 registrations per year. Participants acting as a business may make 5 (five) Claims per year under the Promotion, regardless of the quantity of Promotion Products purchased and registered. Registration for participants acting as a business is limited to 20 registrations per year.

    E. It should be noted that if a technical fault with the Promotion Product occurs in the first 15 days of purchase date, it will be classified as DOA (Defective on Arrival) and will be not covered by the Promotion. The Participant is kindly invited to contact the retailer where the Promotion Product was purchased to seek a solution. 

  11. Please also note that failures executed under warranty and without charge by the ASUS customer service where the issue has been solved with a software intervention (installation, repair or upgrading of drivers, software or operating System) or other non-hardware related solution will not be eligible to participate in this Promotion. 

  12. The warranty hereof provided under this Promotion is a “manufacturer’s warranty” complementary to and does not affect in any way the Participant’s legal rights as enshrined in the consumer law of the United Kingdom. 

  13. The warranty hereof provided under the Promotion is in addition to the statutory rights of consumer protection pursuant to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, under which different statutory protections are available to the Participant, depending upon various factors, including the length of time since the day of purchase.

  14. Only the legal owner of the Promotion Product who has registered their purchase in accordance with Clause 5 may participate in the Promotion. In the event of the sale of the notebook during the first 12 months of the purchase, the rights described in this document and related to this Promotion does not transfer with such sale. Furthermore, on top to what described at herein above, in no circumstances a claim can be submitted after the 31st January 2023.

  15. Presuming full compliance with these Promotion Terms and Conditions the Promoter will, in favor of the Participant, pay by bank transfer within thirty (30) days the Reimbursement value due to the Participant. 

  16. The Promoter reserves the right to monitor carefully the use of the Website including the IP addresses of the user, to detect any abuse and consequently reject the related requests, if it has reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Promotion Terms. If ASUS Global Pte. Ltd, at its discretion, were to reject a request for failure to comply with these Promotion Terms its decision is final. 

  17. The Promoter declines all responsibility for any malfunctioning or technical damages, software, hardware, of the server or of the Website site, of any kind and which may have prevented, or otherwise hindered, the Participant’s participation in the Promotion.

  18. All correspondence concerning the promotion shall be made via a contact form at the following website: https://zencare.asus.com/en-gb/assistance.

  19. Promoter: ASUS Global Pte. Ltd., 15A Changi Business Park Central 1#05-01 Singapore 486035. Please do not send any requests for collaboration or promotional correspondence to said address as they will not receive a response.